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Daji Group in accordance with the diversified, comprehensive development strategy, focusing on the development of iron tower manufacturing as the main body of the industrial and tourism real estate as the main body of the service sector

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Nanjing Daji Group is a diversified industrial enterprise, located in QiaolinIndustrial Park, P...

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Company Honor In 1998, 500kV transmission line towers were outstanding new products inNanjin...

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Nanjing Daji Steel Tower Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Nanjing down Hot Springs Resort,Nanjing Daji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.,Nanjing Daji Spring Beverage Co., Ltd.,Nanjing Daji Gardening Engineering Co., Ltd.,

Daji Tower

The completion of the new factory has greatly enhanced the foundation strength of the enterprise. The company has embarked on the scientific development track of production scale, internationalization, product serialization and management standardization, which further demonstrates the superiority status of the enterprise.

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